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Main Street ($MAINST)
The “CATACOMBS” by @xxxvniii
  • The Catacombs Release- The CATACOMBS by @xxxvniii is the first of the upper tier Mythic NFT collection. Introduced with a max supply, it will be unlike any of the currently available stake for NFT options. 55 available mints at .10BNB per. Limit 1 per wallet. Full article on the CATACOMBS and Mythic rarity release can be found here.
  • Non Fungible Tombs- LP providers will have exclusive access to mint LP Tomb…

RugZombie ($ZMBE)
  • Users stake their dead (rugged) tokens in RugZombie GRAVES…

Examples of artificially generated Neural Pepes

  • $MAINST has completed its official audit through ImmuneBytes! We have been chomping at the bit to get this piece of our project finalized, and are proud to announce its success. This will help us with the graduation of the ApeSwap BUIDL program as well.
  • $MAINST announced its first NFT partnership with $ATMOSSOFT! AtmosSoft is a Play to Earn NFT Collectible Card game that will be launching its presale IDO soon. We are…

  • $MAINST is very proud to announce its partnership with AssGard ($ASSG). AssGard is creating the most comprehensive portfolio tracker (SafeGard Suite™) currently available for BEP20 and ERC20 Assets. Our team has decided that a great way to educate you on our partners will be with our $MAINST Deep Dives. These full-page informational sheets are available for tenants of The Neighborhood and showcase all of the most important data about our partners. AssGard is our inaugural tenant featuring…

Main Street ($MAINST)

Main Street ($MAINST) is community oriented, promotional launchpad on Binance Smart Chain. Tying together community and partners to optimize ROI for both💰

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