Edson Fun Weekly BSC NFT Recap

A weekly overview of the BSC NFT space by @Eds_Jun — 2/19/22 Edition

Main Street ($MAINST)
3 min readFeb 20, 2022


Time for another #BSC #NFT weekly recap. On my side it was a calm week but my perception may be wrong since I focused a lot on work. Feel free to do your inputs.

1. BabyBadAss NFT

  • Marketplace launched props for the team for a fast deployment a week after minting.
  • Props: Bid´s and auction already implemented.
  • Improvements: I find it troublesome to find the ones listed since it shows the whole collection.
  • Babybadass holders receive a % of fees14Edson@Eds_jun·Feb 19Note: I really think before listing collections there should be an agreement between both collections.

2. Main Street Money Monkeys

3. PsyBulls NFT

4. Oddblox NFT

  • Minting: 15th February
  • Category: Collectible
  • Supply: 4096
  • Price per mint: 0.25
  • Really love the generative art and being first on #bsc is huge. Another minting incentive is:

5. Doodle Apes

  • Minting: 17th February



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