Edson’s Fun Weekly BSC NFT Recap

A weekly overview of the BSC NFT space by @Eds_Jun — 2/12/22 Edition

Main Street ($MAINST)
3 min readFeb 12, 2022


1. @TheBullSoc

Big week for the bulls Hot nft of past week on Binance

  • Lil Bulls Listing on @PancakeSwap
  • @BitpunksNFT listed on own marketplace
  • - @doodlezBSC listed on own marketplace
  • V3 marketplace with Nholders rewards for another collections is game changer
  • Last Point @TheBullSoc
    - As a project got a @ApeSwap_N_F_A — looking foward to know the representative and NFA listing on TBS marketplace

2. @BornBadBoys

  • First praise to @nono2chevres for ending his cycle as com admin. Did a great Job and it is a pitty to see he go
  • Looking foward for next steps and how it will be developed
  • I do believe the DEV/Owner need to be closer to community
  • Babies end on 15th

3. @TheMoonWC

  • New contract deployed
  • How to MIgrate: twitter.com/TheMoonWC/stat…
  • All the market fees go to multisignature wallet;
    Praise to @rareboard for supporting the transition and keeping the moon dream alive

4. @babybadassNFT

  • Finally minted out. After months the team achieved the minting of 5000 Babtbadasses.
  • Praise to @CryptoGrlfriend for getting spiderman and the 2500$ prize (hate you)
  • Next Steps:
    -marketplace launch
  • A proof that resilence pays


  • #Lockjosef paid off finally
  • Bitpunks are working on a limited collection that if own a bitpunk and a PCS Squad you can get a free bit squad
  • Floor on 3.0 bnb — really stead and don’t see anyone holding to go below
  • Discussions about BitApes also




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