$GODZ Update

A current update from the $GODZ Team addressing the current state of their Fantasy Heros P2E Game

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This statement originally appeard in the $GODZ Discord Announcement Channel, which can be found here…

GODZ Update

Hi citizens of CryptoGodz. I am Mark Lagman Gutierrez [Godlike Dev] the game master and the creator of CryptoGodz.

I’m hoping that you all are aware that I’m not just some dev hired to work in here. This will be the final episode of the CryptoGodz drama series that you all got to witness. Tune in closely as we will try to get from the bottom of everything and up to the climax of story until all your questions and speculations are answered by tying all the loopholes in it. Apologies it may be a long one.

Preface. 1/12

Let’s start with a recap. It is true that I took out some funds from the game intended for the rebuild. But before you all can panic, let me take you with a little backstory first on why it all went down to this.

Genesis. 2/12

When I started CryptoGodz, we are looking for an influential marketer and a financer for the project. We are thankful we’ve found Mr. Nathan Villasis along the way. He was pivotal to CG’s past successful milestones. The agreement was I’ll continue the prototype and will receive a compensation in return after launching the Game’s token. You may not be aware, but software development doesn’t come cheap if any at all. However, I received very little of the agreed compensation at the time. I still continued my work despite it.

Climax. 3/12

Now comes the part where the founders were given decent token distribution. I believed this shouldn’t be surprising at all for you all of you. Considering the practice of what most crypto project are doing out there. What’s surprising is up until now the project hasn’t been rug pulled yet. Anyway going on, I found out that there was an unfairness on aforementioned token distribution that all my peers got more than what was deemed fair.

Game Crisis. 4/12

Heading to early and mid-December, the game’s is at its critical point, where everyone is in a panic state. There were changes…



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