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3 min readMar 23, 2022


By Tony, March 23, 2022

Edson is a well traveled NFT enthusiast and crypto investor who is apart of numerous communities on the BNB Chain. Recently I asked him to be the first subject of Main Street’s Interesting People of Crypto series. Starting with describing himself in one sentence. His reply? “Not all those who wander are lost”

Tell us about yourself and your background, what was/is your occupation before/alongside cryptocurrency? What does your work day consist of?

Well it may surprise but I´m a Chemical engineer and work as a process engineer. It may feel strange but some things that I do or have done…

  • Troubleshooting on process events
  • Process Optimization: It can be through statistical analysis/ process simulation/ simple calculations where it can be done
  • Risk analysis (Hazop)
  • Evte on projects
  • Writing projects for improvements on projects (capex)

One thing about your cryptocurrency life that you enjoy?

I love meeting new people “am I on tinder?”. Jokes aside, I do consider myself a contrarian so meeting people trying to figure out their background is amazing to check my beliefs and do counterpoints. At essense I do love educating talking and trying to make people see other aspects, there are some mottos on crypto that led people to big gains (1%) and the other 99% to a big loss, concepts that are basics on stock markets and economy (inflation/supply/ value x price).

One thing about your cryptocurrency life that you dislike?

Did I say I’m a contrarian? I don’t like fomo and don’t like fud. Also, I do believe people prey on one another. I don’t like the behavior seen on NFT communities chasing sellers, instead of asking why people are not buying. This in the long term is destruction of value since the seller is never coming back. HODL is good for good assets, but HODL something that is only…



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