Main Street Announcement #3

How Main Street plans to close out Quarter 4 and kick off the New Year!

Main Street ($MAINST)


As crypto markets fluctuate toward the end of Quarter 4, Main Street continues to build and establish itself among the masses. Resulting in a stable price floor for investors after a 400% price increase fueled by multiple listings. In our previous update the issue of returning value to our holders was of high importance. Here’s what’s been happening, along with how we plan to close out Quarter 4 and start off the new year.

Quarter 4 Review

Quarter 4 brought plenty of excitement to Main Street. New listings, partnerships, and staking opportunities allowed the community to grow to over 2,000 holders. This provides an influx of new opportunities to capitalize on. To further accommodate the demand for information needed to adequately cover projects and opportunities across the crypto space; Main Street will be re-tooling it’s Neighborhood, Shop, and Alley concepts. Implementing a “Side Street” concept that allows for the aggregating and promoting of cross chain projects and news. The revamped lay out will be as follows, and of course built upon based on demand.

Main Street- All Main Street Media Produced Content (MainStreet Journal, MainStreet TV, Announcements)

BSC Boulevard- All BSC related news

ApeSwap Alley- Wens News Ser/Apeswap ecosystem news

Algo Avenue- Algorand Chain news and projects to consider

Utility Block- A space for uncategorized cross chain news and passive income opportunities for holders

School Zone- Educational Content

Rug Road- A place to highlight Rug Pulls and exploits of tokens

With these concepts put into place, the team believes Main Street will be able to capitalize on cross chain community opportunities. While also returning maximum use case to the community through a broader view of the crypto universe.

NFT Update

In our previous update the concept of an “access pass” NFT was introduced. Through heavy consideration the Main Street team has decided to take a different direction. Although still implementing an NFT…



Main Street ($MAINST)

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