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Money Monkeys Whitelist & Mint Information

Main Street ($MAINST)
3 min readJan 29, 2022
Main Street Money Monkeys Whitelist starts Feb 10!

The upcoming release of Money Monkeys is generating quite the buzz around Main Street! Here’s some info to catch up on everything that’s going on!

Money Monkeys Mint Information

Whitelist and Mint Date

The Whitelist Sale will begin on Feb10 and will consist of 500 mints. Participation in the Whitelist Sale is limitied to $MAINST, $ZMBE, and NFA holders. Regular minting will consist of 3000 mints and begin 3 days after the completion of the Whitelist Sale. Both of these minting periods will be incentivized, with each mint qualifying for all subsequent giveaways.

Whitelist Sale Incentives

1 Giveaway will take place every 100 mints, with each purchased mint qualifying for proceeding giveaways. Each giveaway will contain 3 prizes to 3 different winners! Equaling 5 BNB and $1000 $ MAINST in prizes! No single mint is eligible for double prizes, although wallet address winnings are not limited.

Giveaway Structure

  • Giveaway #1= Mints 1–100 (1 BNB + $100 $MAINST x 2 Winners)
  • Giveaway #2= Mints 1–200 (1 BNB + $100 $MAINST x 2 Winners)
  • Giveaway #3= Mints 1–300…



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