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Tony Talks #1: Quick Updates on Money Monkeys

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3 min readMar 10, 2022


As our steady Whitelist mint pushes on I feel the need to give an update on Money Monkeys current situation. Along with some community based events that we have lined up to push our little Monkeys harder. This is me kind of just rambling, but is meant to be a transparent informative article on all things Money Monkeys.

First off, thank you to all of you who have minted Monkeys. It’s a pleasure to start this journey with you guys, and I see it as my mission to maneuver this company into a position to make us all rich. That being said, we do not know everything. Main Street has an amazing core team, but advice and input from community members is always more than welcome. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Quick Updates

Contract & Wallet Redeployment

  • We’ve redeployed our contract with some gas saving features. Our new staking wallet address is (0xC644b4bb9F171C0d0f00F46E73562ab501A1eDCe). You can use this address to see holdings etc on whatever wallet checking platform that you wish.
  • An unintended consequence of redeployment was a slight loss in $GNANA holdings, due to the staking, unstaking, and transfer fees associated with its tokenomics. Although that is unfortunate, the gas saving features implemented into the contract will compensate those losses rather quickly. Here are the current holdings of the $BananaBag as of the time of this writing
Current $BananaBag holdings


  • Mint is currently still live on Oblivion Marketplace! RugZombie has announced their secondary market features will be available soon!
  • We have listed on Tofu as our primary secondary marketplace . We are currently working through discrepancies with NFTKey to list there also. We have to be selective with our secondary market choices, as some take actual ownership of NFTs and may end up receiving awards.
  • Rareboard listing now live. You can check your Money Monkeys rarity with this link here

Rewards Distribution &



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