Punch Card Rewards Event & NFT Lottery

Complete 10 Objectives, win $MAINST Tokens and entry into our Partner NFT Lottery!

Main Street ($MAINST)
2 min readMar 15, 2022


Punch Card Rewards Event (See NFT Lottery Section for Prizes)

Punch Card Event

Starting Date: March 13, 2022

End Date: April 3, 2022

Main Street Money Monkeys Whitelist Mint is almost finished! Minted Money Monkeys can part in our Punch Card Rewards Event to earn themselves $MAINST Tokens, along with entry into our Partner NFT Lottery! Complete 10 tasks, earn some free stuff! Here are the objectives…

1. Minted minimum 1 Monkey (TokenIDs 0–1500 do not qualify)

2. Money Monkey as Telegram profile picture & Member of TG

3. Money Monkey as Twitter profile picture

4. Own minimum 1 $MAINST Token

5. Retweet our pinned post on twitter on March 15–16th

6. Tweet a promotional tweet tagging MainStreet with the hashtag #MoneyMonkey (existing tweets do not qualify)

7. Post a picture of your Money Monkey in BSC Lounge

8. Post a picture of Money Monkey in Apeswap Main TG

9. 1 message in the Telegram of a project from the prize pool, associating their project with the NFT Lottery

10. 1 Tweet associating $MAINST and a project from the Prize Pool (Neural Pepe, Dead Cats Society, BornBadBoys. Degen Ape. CryptoGirlfriend, New Wizard Order)

$MAINST Payout & Multipliers

A $10 $MAINST payout and entry into a partner NFT Lottery with completion of all 10 tasks. Payouts for winner will be made within 3 days after completion of all tasks.

  • 2x Payout= Hold 225 Billion $MAINST
  • 5x Payout= Hold 675 Billion $MAINST
  • 10x Payout= Hold 2.2 Trillion $MAINST

NFT Lottery Qualifiers & Prize Pool

Completers of all 10 tasks win an entry to our Partner NFT Lottery, consisting of these NFTs! This NFT Lottery can also be entered through a 50 Billion $MAINST Token Burn, with no limit on entries. Prizes are as follows…

  • 1 Neural Pepe NFT



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