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How Main Street plans to close out Quarter 4 and kick off the New Year!

As crypto markets fluctuate toward the end of Quarter 4, Main Street continues to build and establish itself among the masses. Resulting in a stable price floor for investors after a 400% price increase fueled by multiple listings. In our previous update the issue of returning value to our holders…

Empowering users through community through the idea that everyone is a developer

$EGOH is bringing new meaning to the community token category. Stemming from several long term $HOGE holders taking initiative on ways to expand and grow their community. The process of this brainstorming has come to form the entire concept of $EGOH; Everyone can be a developer.

Every community member of…

Swap Feature, Pool Additions/Subtractions, Burnsgiving and more!

It may be hard to keep up with RugZombie with the constant deployment of new staking utilities, partnerships, and community growth. Which is a good thing in a space where most projects lack initiative and perseverance. Here’s some recent RugZombie updates to catch you up!

Kicking off the month of…

Updates on The Poker Room, WalletApp, Partnerships and New Developments

Taichou85 and the BabyBanana team continue to push the envelope in terms of token development and utility. Ranging from already promised features like poker and their wallet app, to new additions of NFT driven PlayToEarn and RPG games. Here’s a quick glimpse at each…

Farmageddon Partnership, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap Listing, Apeswap Governance vote and more!

Main Street is eager to update its holders and community on its recent accomplishments. As well as inform them on more upcoming events and things of interest in the near future.

An ApeLabs experimental NFT series being used to further expose students to the internals of real world projects. Giving them an opportunity to put their freshly minted knowledge to use

It is not usual to find in CrytoWorld something that is really special. It seems that all things have already been done before. A loop where the same proposals, projects, and products are tirelessly repeated. In the case of the ‘Mushies!’, the story is quite different. …

Henry The Apeth gives an overview of the NFT tokenization process on Liquid Collectibles, using NFA’s as an example

NFA’s are available for tokenization on Liquid Collectibles!

This article explains the tokenization of an NFT through LiquidCollectibles. The benefits and risks involved. Along with why LiquidCollectibles is magic for existing holders of floor level NFT’s.


The tokens are free market and traded on apeswap like any other token, their inherent value is that you can spend…

After a successful launch, Whats upcoming for ApeSwaps next big ecosystem token?

Baby Banana recently completed their IKO Launch through Koala Defi. Successfully filling their impressive $198k USD presale in the matter of minutes. What also is impressive is the resilience shown by their team. Having faced some major technical difficulties pertaining to liquidity right at the time of public launch. ApeSwap…

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